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Given the huge range of shapes and designs available, the first step to a successful vase selection is determining what you’ll be using it for. Are you looking for a flower vase to display your favorite type of blossoms? Or are you searching for a decorative vase to liven up your decor? No matter what your ultimate vase vision is, browse the vases for sale and find a new home for your fresh flowers or a unique decor piece to display.

What size vase should I buy?

A V-shaped vase is great, because it works well with almost anything, and can support the stems of longer flowers with the sloped sides of the vase. A bud vase is a traditionally small, simple piece that displays a single flower. A flared vase has a wide top and a narrow body, which work well with larger floral arrangements. Ginger jars have a wide body and a curved top, which supports blossoms with weak stems. A tall and narrow cylinder vase is great for flowers with long stems.

What style vase should I look for?

It’s important to not just think about what will look great with your flowers, but also what will work best with the style of your home. A flower arrangement can be a huge visual centerpiece, so it’s important to place it in a vase that’s complementary to the blossoms themselves. Simpler vases tend to work better for more extravagant arrangements, or any floral design where you want to draw attention to the beauty of the bud itself. If you’re looking for a decorative vase to work as an accent piece, shop for something with a unique pattern or shape.