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All lighting is designed to illuminate the darkness, but lamps have a special trait — they also serve as decorative accents. As a non-permanent fixture in your home, lamps are a great way to enhance your decor style without making a big commitment. As a bonus, most lamps have a shade that can be swapped out to create a whole new look. Read on for more tips about lighting up your home with a new lamp.

What types of lamps are available?

If you have a space that needs to be well-lit, chances are there is a lamp out there to suit your exact needs. Want to accentuate that new side table? Need some extra light to read in your cozy nook? Find out which type of lamp will do the trick from the most common styles below:

  • Table Lamps: Place one of these mid-sized lamps on a side table or nightstand to light up the immediate area and add a bit of style your space.

  • Floor Lamps: Use one of these freestanding lamps to light up a larger area. They’re perfect to tuck into a corner or behind a chair where tabletop or overhead lighting doesn’t quite fit.

  • Desk Lamps: Grab one of these small but efficient lamps to put the spotlight on any desktop task you may be doing, such as writing or computer work.

  • Lamp Sets: When you’re in need of multiple lamps to balance out a space, go for a coordinating set to keep the style flowing throughout.

Don’t forget to consider the proportions of your space and furniture before purchasing a lamp, as a common mistake is choosing one that is too big or too small, which can look silly and out of place. Check out our Guide to Lamp Shades to learn more about choosing the perfect one.