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Some areas, like hallways and stairways, simply won’t fit a traditional rectangular or square rug. Instead, these narrow spaces can be softened with the addition of carpet runners. The long, thin design of runner rugs helps protect hall floors and stairways while simultaneously softening your steps and adding comfort. If a carpet runner sounds like a beautiful accessory for your hallway or stairs, here are some tips to help you bring home the right rug runners:

How do I select the right size carpet runners?

First and foremost, carefully measure the area where your new hallway or stair runner will be placed. This will help determine what size you need. Runner rugs should never be placed wall to wall, and instead you should have a border of uncovered flooring on either side of your carpet runner, with both sides being equal in size. As a general rule, it’s recommended you look for a hallway or stair runner with a length that is five times longer than its width. If you’re searching for hall runners in particular, don’t forget to allow space for any doors to open and close without interference.

Be sure to consider whether the area where your carpet runner will be placed is a high traffic area, as well. Areas with lots of foot traffic will benefit from a non-slip bottom or non-slip rug pad to keep them in place and help prevent injuries. Knowing the correct size for your carpet runner will also help you pick out or size down your rug pad.

More: Rug Size Guide — Find the Perfect Fit

What types of material are best for my new hallway or stair runners?

Natural fibers tend to be higher in quality, though you may opt for synthetic fiber rug runners due to their ability to hold up under a lot of traffic. Fibers that work well in high traffic areas are cotton, nylon, sisal and wool, while silk, sea grass, polypropylene, polyester and jute can be used in areas with low foot traffic.