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Designing a landscape is about much more than well placed plants and stepping stones — it’s also about using garden decor to let your personality shine through. When decorating your landscape with garden statues and yard art, consider it your opportunity to add an artistic touch without having to get your hands dirty. Use garden gnomes and other lawn ornaments as complements to your flowers and plants, or even try using one main piece of garden art as a focal point in your landscape design. Whatever your fancy, ask yourself these questions when looking to add new pieces to your outdoor collection.

Where should I place my yard art?

Is this piece going to be the focal point of a courtyard or scattered along a path? Is your garden pocket-sized or a grand estate? The amount of space that you allocate for your garden decorations should help you decide on size, which in-turn can help you decide on the location. If you’re looking to decorate a large lawn, consider some oversized garden spheres, and place them in a spot that is visible, but won’t hinder any activities that regularly take place on the grass. For tighter spaces, try small-scale pieces, like miniature yard statues, tucked along the edge of a flower bed, path or fence. For a more formal courtyard or parterre, a one-of-a-kind sculpture placed front and center would be better suited to make a big statement.

How do I decorate my garden with outdoor statues?

Make the decision a personal one. Carefully collect and curate pieces you love, to create your own outdoor sculpture garden or simply accent your yard. If you use your outdoor space for meditation or prayer, or just want to bring a little luck to your life, try incorporating some Buddha statues, angels or other religious figures. To bring out your fun and quirky personality, try placing a silly garden gnome, fairy or your favorite animal themed lawn ornaments in semi-hidden spots. Each time you or a guest sees them they will surely cause laughter and smiles. These welcomed distractions can reveal your personal preferences and tastes in a way that vegetation and hardscape can’t. For a well-transitioned indoor/outdoor affect, pick yard statues that mirror aspects of your interior decor.

How do I care for my garden art?

Depending on the material you select for your yard art, there should be no real maintenance at all. These pieces are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, and the materials reflect that. For the most part, a high pressure wash (for the larger items) with some mild soap is all that is necessary in order to cleanse them of dirt or other buildup that may accumulate. If you have any lightweight pieces, make sure they are secured down properly or brought inside in the event of bad weather.