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Choosing the right Dining table

Selecting the perfect dining table for your space involves considering both functionality and style. It's not just about finding a dinner table but finding the right one that complements your dining room, supports your lifestyle, and stands the test of time.

Key considerations include:

  • Size: Ensure the table fits your dining area comfortably, allowing for movement around the room.

  • Shape: Choose a shape that complements your dining room's layout and enhances functionality.

  • Material: Consider durability, maintenance, and how the material fits into your home's decor.

  • Style: Align the table's design with your home's aesthetic for a cohesive look.

For a deeper dive into selecting the perfect dining table, check out our article written by an expert interior designer on How to choose the Dining Table on Houzz.

Most Important Dining Room Table Features

Our customers often choose these features:

  • Material - Wood – Wood dining tables offer durability and a timeless look. Choose for a warm, traditional feel in your dining space.

  • Shape - Round – Round tables foster conversation and are ideal for smaller spaces. Opt for intimate dining settings or smaller rooms.

  • Seating Capacity - Seats 6 – Tables that seat six are versatile for family meals and small gatherings. Ideal for medium-sized families or if you entertain regularly.

  • Style - Contemporary – Contemporary tables blend modern aesthetics with functionality. When updating a dining space with a modern touch.

  • Finish - Oak – Oak finish tables are sturdy and have a distinct grain pattern. Perfect for adding warmth and durability to your dining area.

  • Type Table Base - Pedestal – Pedestal bases offer more legroom and a unique style. Suitable for round tables and when maximizing space is a priority.

  • Features - Extension – Extension tables can adapt to the number of guests. Choose for flexibility in seating capacity during different occasions.

  • Material - Glass – Glass tables bring a light, airy feel to any dining space. Go for a sleek, modern look in your dining area.