Is Houzz Pro the Same as Ivy?

Houzz acquired Ivy in 2019 and created Houzz Pro—a true all-in-one business management and marketing solution for interior designers. Read on to explore how Ivy and Houzz came together to offer best-in-class tools that help firms of any size grow and thrive.

What Is Houzz Pro?

Houzz Pro is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for interior designers as well as builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors. Offering a longer list of digital tools than Ivy, from mood boards to 3D floor plans, it’s tailored to help firms focus on designing by streamlining every step of their workflow—all under one roof.

Then What Is Ivy?

Ivy is a business management software for professional interior design firms. While new memberships and feature updates are no longer being offered at Ivy, you can learn why  many existing users are making the move to Houzz Pro (and the differences between Ivy and Houzz Pro) below.

So, Did Houzz Buy Ivy?

Yes—back in 2019, Houzz acquired Ivy with the goal of helping design firms of all sizes streamline their workflow and grow their business. By enhancing Ivy’s fan-favorite features and adding new ones to complement them, Houzz Pro now helps designers manage their business, present their designs, and offer an exceptional client experience along the way.

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