What’s the Difference Between Houzz and Houzz Pro?

In short, Houzz Pro is a part of Houzz—an online platform for home renovation and design. On Houzz, anyone can find inspiration, shop products, and hire professionals for their projects. With Houzz Pro, home industry professionals can win clients, collaborate on projects, and run their business under one roof.

To Start, What Is Houzz?

Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design. Here, people can find all they need to nail their home projects from start to finish. The Houzz community is made up of millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals around the world.

Then What Is Houzz Pro?

Houzz Pro is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution from Houzz. A difference between Houzz and Houzz Pro is that Houzz Pro is used mainly by home industry professionals, with tools to help them manage their business and collaborate with clients for a standout experience.

How Are Houzz and Houzz Pro Similar?

Houzz Pro is actually a part of Houzz, and together, they serve the same purpose: to simplify home renovation. Houzz and Houzz Pro also feature several integrated tools designed to work in sync. For example, many businesses listed in Houzz’s professional directory use Houzz Pro to manage their business.

Got It. So, What’s the Difference Between Houzz and Houzz Pro?

The easiest way to remember it is this: Houzz is a free resource that helps anyone find inspiration, shop products, and hire professionals. Houzz Pro is an all-in-one business management and marketing software that helps home industry professionals of all types run their business more efficiently and profitably.

Where Can I Learn More About Houzz Pro?

Glad you asked! Now that you know the difference between Houzz and Houzz Pro, you may be wondering where to sign up for Houzz Pro. If you’re a home industry professional looking to level up your workflow and grow your business, you can explore more about how Houzz Pro can help below.

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