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We all tend to fall into two categories: those who are organized and those who aren’t. Whichever bracket you find yourself in, decorative storage solutions are an easy way to make organization fun. Who can resist the bold prints, vibrant colors and enticing textures of today’s storage baskets, bins and boxes? Get some inspiration from the large selection of decorative storage solutions below!

Mix and match colors and patterns.

Think of your organizational scheme much like you would your home decor. Don’t feel as if every wooden storage box has to match. Instead, choose items that have a similar color scheme and different patterns, or the same pattern in different colors. If you prefer a DIY customization job, choose plain items that can be painted, covered in paper or fabric, or drawn or painted on. Create a work of art with items like wooden storage boxes so whenever you open your closet door or desk drawer, you’ll be greeted with a cheerful, well-organized interior.

Let your decorative boxes and baskets be seen.

Tradition has it that our storage items should be tucked away out of sight. Not anymore. Let your decorative bowls and fabric storage boxes be seen. Place them on a side table in your entryway or living room, or let them become a centerpiece on your coffee table. Better yet, add some decorative wall shelves to complete the look. As long as their colors and patterns fit with your room’s decorating scheme, you’re good to go. The same goes for antique storage pieces, like a wooden jewelry box. Along with housing your earrings, rings and necklaces, it can become an accent piece with a unique vintage vibe.

Get crafty with your wicker storage baskets.

Every wicker storage basket can benefit from a liner, and if you’re fairly handy with a sewing machine, it can be easy enough to select a fabric of your choice and create your own. Try a fun, colorful plaid for your country kitchen or a vibrant chevron pattern for a contemporary living room. A floral pattern will complement a traditional bedroom, while a paisley design can be a fun accent for an eclectic entry.

Label it all.

Your best bet for keeping things organized, especially if you have other helpers around the house, is to attach labels to each container. You can even use this as an opportunity to further customize your storage. Cut out labels from decorative paper and glue them on with adhesive spray. Punch a hole in one end of your labels and use a pretty ribbon to attach them to your decorative baskets. Use washi tape for an easy and colorful labeling fix. Create labels out of chalkboard wallpaper or use chalkboard paint and hand write your notes on them. Whatever you choose, labeling is a fun and effective way to ensure that any removed items find their way back home.