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Backyard Play

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As prime play real estate, it’s a great idea to ensure your yard has plenty of space for your kids to play — and plenty of toys and equipment to play with. From tire swings to trampolines, kids are guaranteed to have a blast on all sorts of outdoor play equipment. Whether you choose an outdoor playhouse, a classic swing set or a traditional sandbox, these fun additions to your yard will keep kids (and maybe even adults) entertained for hours.

When looking at swing sets and playsets, make sure you pick one that will grow well with your children. While your son or daughter may need a toddler swing right now, they’ll appreciate having one without the safety straps or bars in a few years.

Speaking of transitioning, a playhouse can double up as a play kitchen or workshop when children are younger, then transform into a clubhouse or hangout spot later on. For an outdoor toy that attracts adults as well as kids, try a trampoline. These bouncy toys are a fun way to get some exercise, and thanks to updated accessories like nets, covers and ladders, trampolines have never been safer.

For a more constructive approach — literally! — try adding a sandbox to your backyard. These provide hours of fun as children scoop up sand, build castles and dig for buried treasure or dinosaur bones. If some members of the family are a little old to be playing in the sand pit, outdoor games can bring family members of all ages together.