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Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than an enticing display of art. Not only can carefully selected artwork add personality to your decor, it can enhance your home’s interior design by adding layers and visual interest. With such a huge selection of designer paintings, fine art prints, and sculptures available, it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect piece. Check out these tips to help you narrow down your artwork search:

Choose wall art you love.

The number one rule for selecting artwork is that it should speak to you. If it isn’t meaningful in any way, it’s best to keep searching. If you’ve themed your furniture and décor around a certain color or idea, that can get you started in your search. Many paintings and other artwork have a cultural theme, such as aboriginal art or Japanese art. On the other hand, black and white photography goes great with anything. Whatever style you choose, just make sure it represents your tastes, interests or history.

Check out every type of wall art out there.

If you’re looking for paintings that fit perfectly with your traditional décor, consider fine art prints. These are a great alternative if you can’t afford genuine Picasso paintings or works by other famous artists. Pencil art and some sculptures can also fit in well with a traditional scheme. If you’re in the mood for some modern artwork, illustrations and mixed media are a great place to start. Sculptures made from metal or glass can also have a modern tone. Try going bold with abstract paintings, urban art or pop art, which tend to incorporate more modern influences like graffiti and celebrities, plus bright colors. Photographs work well with any décor as they can cross between modern and traditional easily depending on the subject matter. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, either. A modern piece can go amazingly well with a traditional home, and vice versa.

Arrange your new artwork for optimal viewing.

Once you’ve found those perfect, meaningful pieces, you’ll want to place them in a spot that allows everyone who passes by to admire them. Common locations for artwork include above a seating area or, better yet, facing your seating arrangement. Proper lighting and visibility is also important, as is hanging your new pieces at the correct height. Aim for eye level or the gallery standard, which says the center of your paintings should be approximately 60 inches from the floor.